Provincial Assembly

Provincial Assembly
The Provincial Assembly consists of the Bishops of the Province; the members of the Provincial Chapter; the elected members of the Board of Trustees; and one elected Representative from each Parish or Mission of the Province.

Parish Representatives
Each parish and mission of the Province of the United States should elect a Parish Representative to attend the Provincial Assembly, give a brief (less than 2 minutes) parish report to the Assembly, and vote on the new Board of Directors members and any other business the Assembly may take up.  An Alternate Parish Representative may also be elected. Parishes are highly encouraged to elect laity to this position. Rectors & priests-in-charge should inform the Provincial Secretary of the Parish Representative’s identity on or before Monday, October 1.

Elections to the Board of Directors
Three members of the current Board will have their terms expire at this Provincial Assembly:  Rev. James Voirol, Rev. Timothy Donovan, and Mrs. Melinda Arndt.  The new Board members will be elected at the Assembly.

If you would like to recommend someone to the Nominating Committee for consideration for nomination, please send that person’s name by October 1 to:  Current members may be re-nominated.

☞ Nominations may also be made from the floor of the Assembly. Nominating in advance, however, gives us the opportunity to confirm the nominee’s willingness to serve on the Board.

Members of the Provincial Episcopal Synod, the Provincial Little Chapter, and elected members of the Provincial Board of Trustees who are unable to attend may designate a proxy to vote on their behalf at the Provincial Assembly. 

The proxy for a Bishop may only be held by another Bishop.  The proxy for a member of the Provincial Chapter may be held by any member of the Clergy.  The proxy for an elected member of the Board of Trustees may only be held by another elected member of the Board of Trustees.

Find draft Minutes of the previous Provincial Assembly, Triennial schedule, draft Agenda for the Provincial Assembly and other documents needed for this Triennial — go here.

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