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The St. Alban Press
Ojai • Sydney • London
Published for
The Liberal Catholic Church
Founded February 13, 1916

The St. Alban Press

P.O. Box 598

 Ojai, California 93024

Press Service Restricted: The St. Alban Press is solely for service to The L.C.C. and not for profit; the right is reserved to decline orders from individuals or organizations not connected with this Church.



Apostolic Succession in The L.C.C. Fr. A. Cockerham. Brief history of Apostolic Succession in the Catholic Church; historical background of The L. C. ministry, formation of The L.C.C., its Catholic ministry, Orders, “Intention”, “Matter & Form”, etc. About 50 pages.


Table of Apostolic Succession in The L.C.C. +G Wale.


Beginnings of the L.C.C. +J.I. Wedgwood and others. 17 pages. Brief history of formation of The L.C.C. from Old Catholic Church. 1913-1916; compilation of Liturgy; church organization, etc. Illustrated.


Calendar of Services for current year.


Catechism - 99 Questions. +J. Van Alphen.


Catholicism, Past & Future. +F.W. Pigott.


The Christian Gnosis. +C.W. Leadbeater.

Clairvoyant Investigations into Christian Origins & Ceremonial. Fr. Geoffrey Hodson. Series of observations by author including personal memories of life & death of Jesus from author’s previous life. Recommended only for those prepared to view Gospel story as more allegorical-symbolical than historical. 60 pages.


Canon Law of the Church (The General Constitution & Code of Canons of The Liberal Catholic Church)


Credo (Catechism for Children) +W.H. Pitkin. 47 page book in question and answer format on The L.C.C. & its teachings, intended for 5th to 8th grade children in Sunday School or home.


Healing Forces & Healing Angels. +C.W. Leadbeater. Brief description of The L.C. Healing Service & answers to some questions on participation of Angels.

Inner Side of Church Worship. Fr. Geoffrey Hodson. 82 pages. Study of Catholic worship based largely on clairvoyant observations by the author. Especially attendance & efforts of angels at Requiem.


Introduction to The L.C.C. 5th Edition.


Larger Meaning of Religion, The. +J.I. Wedgwood.


Liturgy of The L.C.C. 5th Edition. (Hard)


New Insights into Christian Worship. +J.I. Wedgwood. 200 pages. (Hard). Detailed explanation of The L.C. services, their purpose, music, symbolism, work with the dead, biographical.


Presence of Christ in Holy Communion, The. +J.I. Wedgwood.

Priestly Ideal, The. Fr. Geoffrey Hodson 76 pages. Full of instructions. Primarily for clergy but illuminating to all. Deals with essence of Eucharist & Baptism.


Qualifications for the Priesthood. +W.H Pitkin. 15 pages. Intended for those considering Holy Orders. Answers to questions. Unofficial.


St. Alban Hymnal. Selected Hymns, with music. (Hard)


Science of Prayer, The. Prof. E. Wood. 40 pages. The “Yoga” of prayer; varieties, use of imagination, concentration, meditation, contemplation & worship.


Services of Our Lady. Booklet, 70 pages. A collection of services, rituals and devotions to Our Lady, in conformance with The Liberal Catholic liturgical practice.


Soul and Its Vestures, The. +C.W. Leadbeater.


Statement of Principles & Summary of Doctrine of The L.C.C. 15 pages.


Symbols of the Altar, The. 0.50 Teaching & Worship of The L.C.C. +E. Sheehan. 2nd edition, 55 pages. Popular booklet in The L.C.C. Its fundamental principles, Catholic form of worship, life after death, purpose & use of Sacraments, evolution, survey of beginnings, organizations and administration of The L.C.C.


To Those Who Mourn. +C.W. Leadbeater.


U.S. Provincial L.C.C. Constitution & Canons. 2.00 Vestment Manual.

Work of Transformation, The. Fr. J.B. Parry & Rev. M.C. Godby. 44 pages. Pictorial exploration of the Eucharist as celebrated in The L.C.C.; effect on those present, especially communicants, and on the world at large. Fully illustrated with diagrams.


Your First Communion (for children). “Gita” (Ruby J. Pitkin).



A Faith of Your Own The Rt. Rev. E.J. Burton, M.A.


An Introduction to The Liberal Catholic Church J. Brian Parry & Ronald A. Rivett 


The Apostolic Succession and the Sacramental Principle: A Contemporary Examination The Rt. Rev. E. J. Burton, M.A. 


The Apostolic Succession In The Liberal Catholic Church The Rev. Alban W. Cockerham 


"The Beginnings of the Liberal Catholic Church" February 13, 1916 Ubique Bishop James Ingall Wedgwood (together with some additional notes by the editor)


The Gateway of Death: The Hidden Life ed. The Rt. Rev. E. J. Burton, M.A. 


The Liberal Catholic Church, What is It? The Rt. Rev. Eric S. Taylor, Ph.d. (Edin.) 


The Parting of the Ways: Teachings of the Liberal Catholic Church Compared and Contrasted with Traditional Catholic Teachings The Rt. Rev. Frank W. Pigott, m.a.


The Sacraments T.W. Shepherd 


The Work of Transformation: A Pictorial Exploration into the Meaning of The Holy Eucharist J. B. Parry & M.C. Godby 

PUBLICITY LEAFLETS and OTHER (No discounts — sold at cost)

Leaflet #1 — Religion for Today in The L.C.C.

Leaflet #2 — What is The L.C.C.

Leaflet #3 — Basic Tenets of The L.C.C.

Leaflet #4 — Doctrine of The L.C.C.

Leaflet #5 — Facts about The L.C.C.

Leaflet #6 — The Holy Eucharist in The L.C.C.

Act of Faith Cards (½ postcard size)

Parish Business Cards

"Ask Me about The LCC" Buttons



Epistolos & Evangelios. +Walter Ballesteros.

Liturgia de la Santa Eucaristia. +Walter Ballesteros.

Himnos Selectos, 1975.

Primeros Pasos en la Fe. +W.H. Pitkin. Traducido por +Ramon Mayola.

Religion Para Hoy

¿Que es la Iglesia Católica Liberal?

Doctrina de las Iglesia Católica Liberal

Principios Fundamentales de la Iglesia Católica Liberal

Datos Sobre le Iglesia Católica Liberal Preparado para los que Buscan

La Santa Eucaristia en la Iglesia Católica Liberal


Children’s Sunday School Manuals & Guidelines Also Available for Parishes


Clergy Supplies, such as missals

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