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Mystical Lake



Our services uplift the soul.


In joyous tones and with empowering prayers, our Holy Eucharist maintains over 2,000 years of tradition.


The Liberal Catholic Church has specific teachings allowing its members to understand their spiritual journeys as they relate to mystical and esoteric Christianity.



All are welcome.


We share our worship and teachings with everyone. 


Members may choose to believe where their experience and deep understandings guide them.


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The Liberal Catholic Church is one of thirty or more Catholic Churches in the world that are independent of Rome, such as the Greek Orthodox, Coptic, Old Catholic, and so on. It teaches the Christianity of Christ and administers the seven Sacraments, which are regarded as channels of His blessing. In The Liberal Catholic Church, there is intellectual and religious freedom as well as a natural balance between ceremonial worship, devotional aspiration, scientific ideologies, and mystical thought. While unchanged in form for centuries, the Liturgy is in the language of the people and devised to sound a note of joyous and uplifting aspiration.

The Liberal Catholic Church welcomes all and everyone to its services: those who have faith and those who have lost faith; those who believe in the literal exposition of the scriptures and those who accept the allegorical spiritual interpretation. Above all, The Liberal Catholic Church serves those who are earnestly seeking spiritual enlightenment.


The Liberal Catholic Church has no barriers around its altars. All who come in a spirit of reverence are welcome to Holy Communion and to all other services of the Church. What opinions or beliefs people hold is considered to be their own undertaking. The mind that is free is in the best condition to grow. Growth into spirituality enhances the perception of truth that each of us must discover for ourselves and in our own way. Anything less than full mental freedom is thought to slow down progress. Thus, the difference between The Liberal Catholic Church and all other Catholic and Protestant churches is that The Liberal Catholic Church offers ancient sacramental worship with the widest measure of intellectual freedom and respect for the individual conscience. This is why we are titled The Liberal Catholic Church, not just called liberal Catholics. Our word liberal means having intellectual freedom.


The orders of the clergy of The Liberal Catholic Church are derived through the Old Catholic Church of Holland, which became independent from Rome over three centuries ago. Through this Apostolic Succession, unbroken since the time of Christ, The Liberal Catholic Church aligns itself with the historic catholic church of past centuries. The clergy are neither forbidden nor encouraged to marry. They serve without personal payments of any kind. The clergy claim no authority over the individual conscience; rather, they function as ministers of the Divine Sacraments, ready to serve those who may ask or need their help.

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Rt. Rev. Thomas Miller, Rt. Rev. Gaspar Torres, Rt. Rev. Lloyd Worley, and Most Rev. William Downey

The work that lies before us is to continue to ‘forward the work of Our Master, Christ in the World and to feed His serve as a vehicle for the eternal Christ,’ to serve Him in whose service is perfect freedom and to do it in such a manner that it is meaningful and relevant in the World today.  In the words of the Collect for Advent Sunday, ‘that we may hasten the coming of Thy kingdom upon earth.’

Presiding Archbishop of The Liberal Catholic Church and Archbishop of the Province of the United States
Archbishop William Downey did his undergraduate studies at White College and Zarapath Seminary. He graduated from Miracle Valley Bible College in Arizona. From an early age, Apb. Downey found himself most interested in religious and esoteric subjects, and he spent many hours reading and researching related studies.  He spent a few years exploring Evangelical Christianity as well as non-Christian religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and related disciplines of meditation and Yoga.  As is the case with many spiritual seekers, he wandered through many divergent paths,  such as Spiritualism, New Thought, and Theosophy. When he moved to California in the sixties, he came across The Liberal Catholic Church, and as soon as he experienced worship through TheLCC Liturgy, he realized that he had found his spiritual home. In 1985, Abp. Downey married his beloved wife Anita Martin in Pune, Maharashtra India. She has been and continues to be his help, his inspiration, and his friend. His beloved daughter Kathryn was born in 1988. Abp. Downey has served as a priest at the Church of Our Lady and All Angels since that time.  Abp. Downey served with Bishop Munnik until his passing in 1992. In 1996, he attended The General Episcopal Synod in Sydney, Australia, as an observer. He had the privilege of meeting many clergy and faithful of the Church both from Australia and from all over the World. Abp. Downey was elected to the Episcopacy of The Liberal Catholic Church and consecrated on May 24, 1997, by Bishop Lawrence J. Smith, assisted by Bishops Robert McGinnis, Hein VanBeusekom, and Ruben Cabigting. In 2000, he was elected Regionary Bishop for the Province of the United States of America and has served in that office since then, as well as having been a member of the Interim Committee of the Church since that time. Abp. Downey served on a few Boards of Directors over the years such as the California Association Recovery Homes, The Ventura County Humane Society, and the Rogers Cooper Memorial Trust Foundation. Abp. Downey is the proud Grandpa of three lovely granddaughters, Sydney, Regan, and Phoebe whom he is blessed to see every day.
Bishop Lloyd Worley was ordained as Priest in 1977 in Illinois by Bishop Raja Watson. On May 15th, 2005, he was Consecrated Auxillary Bishop for the Province of America by Rt. Rev. William S.H. Downey. Bishop Worley has devoted his life to developing parishes in The Liberal Catholic Church. Bishop Worley holds a Ph.D. in English from Southern Illinois University and has been a professor at various universities. Now retired, he is a former Professor of English and Chair of the Department at the University of Northern Colorado from which he holds awards in teaching and scholarship. With in-depth insight into esoteric Christianity, Bishop Worley offers his wisdom and guidance to our province. He is married to Maydean and has two children. His daughter Erin is the technical and music director for St. Albert's. He is very happy to see his Grandson, Michael, serve as an Acolyte.
To watch his sermons click here.
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