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Office of the

Presiding Archbishop


The Liberal Catholic Church

The Most Rev. William S. H Downey

1206 Ayers Avenue, Ojai, California, USA 93023


December 8, 2023


The Feast of the Immaculate Conception


To the beloved Faithful and Friends of the Liberal Catholic Church,

Province of the United States of America and Canada


Greetings to you in the Name which is above every Name:


It is hard to believe that more than a month has passed since the 2023 Triennial Session of The Liberal Catholic Church Province of the United States of America and Canada , was held here in beautiful Ojai, California.  It was a joyous meeting of our Spiritual Family to celebrate, in fellowship, the unique and essential contribution the church has made in this World for more than 107 years. Further, this Triennial Session provides the means to envision, plan and implement positive steps forward for the growth of the Liberal Catholic Church in this Province.


During the first session of the Assembly, parish reports were given by each of the representatives in attendance. It was, as always, gratifying and inspiring to hear of the ongoing work and dedication done on the “frontlines” of the battleground to win the hearts and minds women and men looking for answers. 


Financial Report was given by the Provincial Treasurer the V. Reverend Canon Brian Satterlee. We are happily on a sound financial footing with return on investments and fiscal safety.  In compliance with our Articles of Incorporation and applicable state and Federal laws, all finances are regularly reviewed and reported to the Provincial Board of Trustees. 


Election of Trustees and officers occurred with the following results. Current Board Members were unanimously re-elected.  Mrs. Jan Seehusen was elected to fill a vacancy on the Board occasioned by the resignation of Mrs. Tami Gonzales.


Other highlights of the Triennial weekend were updates on:


  • The work of the Focus Group that has been meeting for more than a year via Zoom. New approaches to outreach and growing attendance. Re-branding as the Mystical Christians.


  • Our New Provincial website,  the excellent work of Mrs. Erin Satterlee


  • Wonderful and inspiring presentations were given by the Reverend Greg Neteler and the Reverend Dr. Robert Ellwood


  • Report on the work of the Rogers Cooper Memorial Foundation


  • The work and ministry of the Order of Our Lady


As is our custom, a meeting of the Clerical Synod was convened for purposes of compliance with applicable Canon Law of the Provincial Charter.  Of significant note, the Very Reverend Alan Clute, Provost of the Clerical Synod tendered his resignation as Provost.  With sincere thanks for his decades of faithful and diligent service, I accepted Fr. Alan’s submission as well as his nomination of The Reverend Joseph Seehusen as his successor. Father Seehusen was unanimously elected to the post of Provost of the Clerical Synod the Liberal Catholic Church Province of the United States of America and Canada.


The new Provost took over as chair of the meeting and provided a stimulating presentation of a new and innovative plan/program for outreach and growth entitled “A Season of Spiritual Formation” whose purpose is to engage, spiritually nourish and evaluate men for their suitability as potential candidates for HOLY ORDERS in The Liberal Catholic Church, Province USA.  As well as to simultaneously strengthen and grow our Province by the addition of new congregants, volunteers, vestry and clergy to serve and support our existing churches as well as work to create and build new congregations and parishes.


Groups of men will form into cohorts currently centered around two locations in North America, Ojai and Chicago. This is a dynamic, one year program for candidates of strong spirit, humble heart and good will, to go deep within and explore their calling of how best to use their gifts and talents, to forward the work of Our Master, Christ in the World.  The program of knowledge and experience is done individually and in community, thru daily and weekly worship and quarterly thru in-person intensives with their group.  Next steps for application to the program will be forthcoming in subsequent communications.


Our blessed Lord and Master has said “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matt 18:20   So many times, over the years, during retreats, conferences, Synods or Triennial Assemblies such as this, we have witnessed the truth of this statement. Our Lord becomes very real and present in our midst.  This year’s Triennial was no exception. A number of the participants have commented that they returned home inspired, renewed, and refreshed by their experience.


 There is something in the air that stirs and arouses a sense of expectancy. A feeling or a thought, perhaps a “thought form” of anticipation.  Particularly appropriate at this time as we move into the Season of Advent , which is indeed the time of anticipation. I am sure this feeling of hopefulness is communicable even infectious and I pray that you will catch the vision of glad tidings on the horizon!


If you wish to see the minutes of the meeting of the General Assembly or any other reports please visit our Provincial Website at


I shall be following up and reporting, on a regular basis, progress on the development and evolution of God’s plan as it unfolds.  In the meantime I would very much like to hear from you, your thoughts and inspiration.   With every blessing for a joyous Advent Season I remain your friend





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